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At a time when most couples would begin to think about retirement, Don and Nancy Brewer gave birth... no, not to a child, but to a new business. Manchester Party and Tool Rental began as a result of prayer and patience. Don felt the Lord leading him to open a tool rental shop, even though he had been working at the same trucking company for 24 years. The youngest of their five children had left for college. His suggestion was that they sell their spacious home of 17 years and move into an apartment at the back of the business location. Don was excited. Nancy took convincing. But that's exactly what they did. They lived on-site for six years. Tool rental began at their home in Laketon, Indiana during the summer of 1989. On October 1, 1989, the business officially opened on State Road 114, North Manchester, Indiana. They bought out a building contractor and began with these and other small hand tools. New tools and equipment were added as the business grew.

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