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Big C Lumber is in its tenth decade of existence and is a fourth generation family-owned company. Serving do-it-yourselfers/homeowners, professional homebuilders and remodelers, and commercial contractors, Big C Lumber was started in 1921 by William Hass - who in partnership with George Bales purchased a lumberyard in North Liberty, Indiana. Acquisition of approximately ten additional lumberyards quickly followed, including the present yards in Roseland, Indiana, and Three Oaks, Michigan. In 1926 these yards were incorporated and a few years later, circa 1935, William Hass acquired George Bales' interests. The period from 1935 to 1945 was one of diversification during which time Hass Wholesale, Hass Concrete, and Portage Realty were founded. Shortly thereafter a long process of consolidation began, lasting through 1981, involving the liquidation, sale, or divesting of interest in most of the lumberyards and other various holdings.