From early on, creating a music academy at Sweetwater was a passion of our founder and CEO, Chuck Surack. He wanted a place where students of all ages and playing styles could come to learn or perfect their craft, while investing in the diverse arts scene of Fort Wayne, Indiana. In its formative years, the Academy started with a small group of teachers, offering instruction on a handful of instruments. But thanks to their teaching excellence, convenient on-site amenities, and an ever-increasing number of passionate, local musicians, the Sweetwater Academy of Music and Technology has grown beyond our wildest imagination. When you arrive at the Academy today, you'll find the finest music educators teaching everything from guitar and piano to digital recording and live sound reinforcement, not to mention our extremely popular music programs, such as Rock Camp, Drum Camp, and Build-a-Band. From our dream of an on-site music school to the vibrant community of musicians it's blossomed into, the Sweetwater Academy of Music and Technology continues to inspire our commitment to the arts and artists in our community.